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Blind Spot Mirror, MTSZZF Square No Blind Spot Mirror for All Universal Vehicles Car Side Convex Rear View Mirror Wide Angle Blind Spot Mirror Fit Stick-on Design (Pack of 2)

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Blind Spot Mirror, MTSZZF Square No Blind Spot Mirror for All Universal Vehicles Car Side Convex Rear View Mirror Wide Angle Blind Spot Mirror Fit Stick-on Design (Pack of 2) Specifications
Jeep ModelAll Jeep Models
Retail Price$11.99
Part NumberBlind Spot Mirror
MPNBlind Spot Mirror
Warranty1 year warranty

Product Description

Features:Chrome-plated glass mirror, HD and does not oxidizeWaterproof adhesive, solid paste, tear off without leaving marksBroad vision, sight effectively eliminate blind spots, increases driving safetyDescription:Item Type: Mirror & CoversMaterial: ABS,glassLength: 9.5 cmWidth: 3.5 cmWeight: 70gApplicable models: UniversalSpecial Features: Car blind spot mirrorHow to install these mirrors?Step 1: To install these blind spot mirrors, we need to clean the surface of both exterior side mirrors of the vehicle with alcohol pads or a cotton ball slightly;Step 2: When the surface of side mirror dries totally, calibrate the placement position where we want to put the blind spot mirrors on, before tearing the paper cover off from these blind mirrors;Step 3: Remove the paper covers from the adhesive backing of blind spot mirrors, lightly mount one onto the exterior side mirror in the pre-determined position. Once properly positioned, apply moderate pressure on each total side mirror for approximately 20 seconds to securely attach.Small blind spot mirror, will not affect the mirror reflection of the road, but also clearly see the existence of blind spots of the security risks, improve their safety and car, so that their travel do not worry!Sticky super high double-sided adhesive, just tear off the tape, you can be fixed in the place you want to install.Package Included:1 Pair Blind Spot Mirrors

Manufacturer details

2 PACK 2017 New square packaged, 360° Rotates and adjusts for better visibility and 20° sway adjustabe, maximize your view with wide angle in car. All side view Blind Spot Mirrors are equipped with tiny adjustable swivel mounting bracket for Car Fit Stick-on Design easy installation.^Convex Mirror Length: 9.5 cm, Width: 3.5 cm, Material: ABS,glass, HD Glass curved ultrathin slim design, Ingenious concave design insures helps you to forecast the next surroundings when passing or changing lanes.^The mirror is connected onto a rotatable base separately, Flexible Blind Spot Mirrors which allows it for full maneuverability in all angles of your vehicle so you are comforted with the ease of driving.^2 Installation methods optional (horizontal or vertical), IP65 waterproof, rust resistant and the glass will not haze. Guaranteed durability with adhesive,Waterproof adhesive, solid paste, tear off without leaving marksSuitable for interior or exterior use,Can be used as a rearview mirror in the automobile to better ensure the safety of the child.^Install and test within seconds, all universal vehicles car fit accessory, car accessories MUST have for every truck, cars, SUV, jeep, RVs and vans. NOTE: this item do not fit for motorcycle.


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