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CIPA 31000 8" Day/Night Rearview Mirror"

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CIPA 31000 8" Day/Night Rearview Mirror" Specifications
Jeep ModelAll Jeep Models
Retail Price$20.14
Part Number31000
Model Number31000

Product Description

CIPA's line of Day/Night mirrors are the perfect replacement for your factory installed mirror. This 8 inch mirror attaches to the windshield on a swivel mount, and can be tilted to reduce the brightness and glare of headlights shining directly at eye level. The front and rear internal faces of the Day/Night mirror glass are not parallel to one another, allowing a manual tab adjustment to switch between day and night positions. In the day position, the front face is slanted and the reflective back-side provides a strong reflection. When in the night position, its reflective rear face is slanted out of line of the driver’s sight. Since the non-reflective front allows the majority of the light to pass through, only a tiny amount of light is reflected into the driver’s eyes. This means an increase in both safety and comfort at a fraction of dealer costs. Also available in a 10 inch design (part number 32000), 12 inch design (part number 33000), and a design featuring map lights (part number 36000). Fits OEM mounting on all cars, trucks and vans. Mirror mounting adhesive not included. Bracket is included. FMVSS approved. Expand your horizons.

Manufacturer details

FMVSS approved^Perfect fit for all vehicles with standard mirror mount^Installs effortlessly using only a screw driver^Average of 40 percent savings over dealer replacement^Manual thumb switch switches from day to night setting for more comfortable driving


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