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EAG Jeep JK Rear Bumper W/ Tire Carrier and Third Brake Light Bracket

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EAG Jeep JK Rear Bumper W/ Tire Carrier and Third Brake Light Bracket Specifications
Jeep ModelJK - Jeep Wrangler 2007-Current
Retail Price$915.00
Part NumberJK110315

Product Description

Fitment: 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler JK Most versions Product Incorporated: Back fender + fatigue provider + two 4.75 lot d ring + increasing components Supplies: made of 5/32' metal linen and 2 3/8' by.120 wall tubes Colour: Distinctive Dark Installment: Bolton Functions: The ELECTRONIC-Autogrilles Off Road Rear Fender using Fatigue Provider features a swing-out spare-tire provider having a two way flexible fatigue attach which makes it ideal for wheels as much as 37I. A custom designed billet aluminium manage safely hair the fatigue provider in position therefore there's of it arriving free about the path no-worry. Having a TWOA regular problem recipient, two high-strength D-Ring a spare-tire provider the ELECTRONIC along with brackets -Autogrilles Offroad Rear Fender using Fatigue Provider is ideal for offroad use. Made of 5/32A metal linen and TWOA by.120 wall tubes, this ELECTRONIC-Autogrilles Off Road Rear Fender is finished in a two-stage complete utilizing before that is adhesive - high-grade and covering distinctive dark powder-coating regarding lasting toughness that is long. The d ring brackets are welded each outside and inside for extra-strength. The ranked for that recipient fat that is pull is 3500 lbs. And 350 lbs for language fat. The manufacturer recipient will have to be eliminated. The fender connects underneath the manufacturer problem combined with the several products situated TWO per facet using the several inventory secure places. The construction that is joint is extremely strong having a threshold that is restricted. Adapter region swings that friends using the fender is metal on stainless. A lubricant limit is that must definitely be exposed occasionally to lubricant the mating areas.

Manufacturer details

THIRD BRAKE LIGHT BRACKET - Stay street legal with our $88' worth of 3rd brake light adjustable bracket and extension wire harness.^OFFROAD DESIGN - High strength D-Ring mounts and two D-ring shackles with black isolators are included. Class Ⅲ 2" receiver hitch rated 5,000 lbs equipped with safty chain loops.^SWING OUT TIRE CARRIER - Two way adjustable tire mount for up to 37" tire for tire carrier. Billet aluminum handle for rear tire carrier release included.^HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION - Manufactures from 5/32" steel sheet and 2"x 0.140" wall steel tubing. Black texured powder coat for durability and corrosion protection.^FITMENT - The EAG off-road rear bumper fits for 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler JK all models.


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