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H3R Performance

H3R Performance MX100R Fire Extinguisher

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H3R Performance MX100R Fire Extinguisher Specifications
Jeep ModelAll Jeep Models
BrandH3R Performance
Retail Price$45.25
Part NumberMX100R
Model NumberMX100R

Product Description

Most automobile fires begin in the engine. Short circuits, leaking fluids and faulty fuel delivery systems are common causes. Fires can also start in exhaust system manifolds, catalytic converters and even brakes. Regular automobile maintenance is the best defense, but even a properly maintained vehicle is vulnerable in an accident. When a fire does strike, swift action is key. A quick blast of H3R Performance MaxOut MX100R Fire Extinguisher can mean the difference between a minor annoyance and a major catastrophe - on the highway or at the racetrack. In addition to automotive use, H3R Performance MaxOut Fire Extinguishers are also ideal for the home, garage or office. Come with aviation brackets for secure mounting to vehicles or walls. The compact H3R Performance MaxOut MX100R Fire Extinguisher MX100R is perfect for storing under your dash or front seat. Fire engine red finish will not fade like anodized units on the market will. The MX100R also contains a siliconized sodium bicarbonate based dry chemical with free flowing and non-caking additives. This chemical smothers fires in flammable liquids and pressurized gases and will not conduct electricity back to the operator.

Manufacturer details

Listed and rated 2 B:C by Underwriters Laboratories, Do not cause thermal or static shock when discharged^Steel strap and mounting bracket, Stylish fire engine red finish^5' - 8' discharge range, Fully rechargeable, Compact, lightweight, easy to use


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