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Jeep-Wrangler - GAS CAN HOLDER for TPi's Swing-Away Tire Carrier. MADE IN USA!

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Jeep-Wrangler - GAS CAN HOLDER for TPi's Swing-Away Tire Carrier. MADE IN USA! Specifications
Jeep ModelAll Jeep Models
BrandTrail Products, Inc.
Retail Price$74.99
Part NumberACCGCH-100
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Product Description

Path Items FIVE-Quart Fuel May Owner and Camera Gear Straps (Component NUMBER ACCGCH-hundred) products straight to the Path Items Raise Fender and integral Shake Free Swing-Away Tire Provider (Component NUMBER JKRB-200R) that will be offered individually. The FIVE-quart Jerry Container owner is laser-cut from 1/8A higher strength metal and powder-coated dark to increase sturdiness power and design. The personal-securing Camera Clasp is mounted on FIVEA of 1.5” broad plastic webbing to make sure decades useful. Easy installing - Merely secure the entire dimension FIVE-quart Gasoline May ORJerry Container owner straight to your Path Itemis exhaust provider & your back fender. No adjustments required. Most components that was installation is roofed. (Jerry Container, Back Fender, Fatigue Company & Elective Equipment not contain). Additional Elective Equipment Sold Individually: The integral fender and swing-away fatigue provider (Component NUMBER JKRB-200R) was created to support a third brake-light, port, guitar, and spade offered separately. TPi provides offers a Port Brackets (Component NUMBER ACCASB-130) along with a mixture guitar & spade attach (Component NUMBER ACCASB-hundred). Most Path Items produced are made and constructed in the united states. THE NEXT ADVENTURE BEGINS AROUND!

Manufacturer details

Full Size 5 Gallon Gas Can Holder^Self Tightening Cam Buckle attached to 5' X 1.5" Nylon Webbing Strap^Laser cut from 1/8' high strength steel and powder coated^Simple Installation, No Modifications Necessary & All Mounting Hardware Included^MADE IN USA!