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Premium Recovery Tow Strap 25000 Lb Capacity with Reflective Safety Vest, Heavy Duty Vehicle Towing Snatch Strap, Tree Saver Car Emergency Off Road Rope with Reinforced Loop + Carry Bag by BandySafety

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Premium Recovery Tow Strap 25000 Lb Capacity with Reflective Safety Vest, Heavy Duty Vehicle Towing Snatch Strap, Tree Saver Car Emergency Off Road Rope with Reinforced Loop + Carry Bag by BandySafety Specifications
Jeep ModelAll Jeep Models
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Product Description

PREPARE YOUR CAR AND MAKE YOUR WINTER TRAVELS SAFER!Be Prepared For Any Winter Emergency Situation, Safely Tow Your Car Out Of Mud And Snow, And Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Extreme Recreation Thanks To The Ultimate Towing Strap! Would you like to be 100% ready to face any emergency situation safely and effectively? BandySafety presents you with a heavy duty vehicle tow strap which is bound to meet all your demands! Reinforced, Premium Quality Polyester Construction Featuring An Astounding 25.000lbs Capacity Forget about cheaply made recovery tow straps and stop wasting your money on automotive tow straps which get ripped into pieces. This top notch auto towing strap is made of polyester and it features a reinforced construction, promising unmatched durability. In addition, it can safely handle cars of up to 25.000 lbs, providing you with countless possibilities. Tow Vehicles From Snow And Mud, Move Debris And Get Any Hurdle Out Of Your Way Apart from being a must have rescue car towing and recovery strap, this polyester strap can be used for a variety of different purposes. Mud and snow will never be a problem for you again while moving debris and tree trunks out of your way will be a piece of cake! A Must Have Travel Road Safety Set That Includes A Reflective Vest, An Instructions Manual And A Storage Bag Upon placing your order, you are instantly offered a handy reflective safety vest FOR FREE!From now on, you will be 100% safe when travelling during dark and foggy winter nights!What's more, you will receive an instructions manual and a high quality storage bag that will allow you to have everything neatly stored! Place Your Order Now While Supplies Still Last!

Manufacturer details

✓ HEAVY DUTY, REINFORCED POLYESTER CONSTRUCTION 3" x 20' TOW STRAP WITH SAFETY VEST: Forget about thin, cheaply made tow straps which snap and fall apart! This heavy duty mud recovery automotive towing strap is made of durable polyester and it features a reinforced construction that will not let you down!^✓ 25.000LBS TOWING CAPACITY THAT OFFERS COUNTLESS POSSIBILITIES: This must have, off road, towing winch accessory is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy his outdoor extreme recreation to the fullest. It features a 25.000lbs capacity and it is a necessary tool for outdoor enthusiasts who want to be prepared for any emergency. It is a must have for everyone who wishes to be 100% prepared for winter and avoid getting stuck in mud and snow!^✓ IDEAL FOR TOWING CARS, MOVING DEBRIS AND MORE: This car towing and recovery strap can be used in many different ways! Use it to get your stuck vehicle out of mud and snow, move debris and get tree trunks and hurdles out of your way!^✓ A COMPLETE ROAD SAFETY SET INCLUDING A TOW STRAP AND A SAFETY VEST: Along with the vehicle tow strap, you will receive a reflective safety vest, an instructions manual and a nice storage and carrying bag at no additional charge! From now on, you can remain 100% safe every time you need to tow your truck without risking being unnoticed by passing by vehicles and effectively preventing unpleasant road accidents!^✓ 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: Keeping you satisfied with the most trustworthy customer service is our #1 goal. This is why you are offered our guarantee which assures that you will receive a full refund in case our heavy duty tow strap does not live up to your expectations!


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