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Pro Trucker Complete CB Radio Kit Includes Radio, 4' Antenna, Coax, Speaker, and Mount Full Kit Easy to Install

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Pro Trucker Complete CB Radio Kit Includes Radio, 4' Antenna, Coax, Speaker, and Mount Full Kit Easy to Install Specifications
Jeep ModelAll Jeep Models
BrandPro Trucker
Retail Price$79.99
Part NumberPRO510/BELDEN-8X-12X/PTRV1X/A1-4/PTS2020
Model NumberPRO510/BELDEN-8X-12X/PTRV1X/A1-4/PTS2020

Product Description

Pro Trucker all-in-one complete CB radio kit, includes radio, 4' CB antenna, antenna mount, & 12' high quality coaxial cable! Pro Trucker gets that shopping for a CB radio with accessories can be a difficult task, which is why they have put together this no-frills all-in-one CB radio kit! The kit includes the following: • (1) Uniden PRO 510XL CB Radio - durable and compact, the PRO 510XL is durable, compact, and definitely affordable. The radio is very common for industrial, commercial, and off-road use. • (1) 4' Pro Trucker Fiberglass Antenna - 1,000 watt power rating with a tuneable tip, this is an ultra premium fiberglass antenna and a great addition to the PRO 510XL radio • (1) 12' High Grade Belden Coax Cable with PL-259 connectors - 95% shielded jacket ensures the best transmission of communication, and is easy to install to your mount and CB. The coax includes soldered PL259 connectors • (1) 3-Way Mirror Antenna Mount - made with high quality brushed aluminum, and includes SO-239 stud with standard 3/8" x 24 threaded base, matching perfectly to the 4' Pro Trucker antenna • (1) 4.5" Pro Trucker 20-Watt Dynamic External Speaker - the speaker includes a 6' 3.5mm plug and is easily mountable in your cab without any issue. Powerful and best in class. Pro Trucker products used with Uniden radios are a great set up and very easy to install. Stop searching all over looking for the perfect setup, when Pro Trucker has paired the best in the industry accessories to deliver this all-in-one kit to you!

Manufacturer details

Complete all-in-one CB radio kit includes radio, antenna, coax cable, antenna mount, and speaker^No frills and very easy to install^Great kit for industrial, commercial, or off-road use - Jeep customers love this kit!^Best in class accessories and guaranteed to meet and exceed performance expectations^Overloaded Mobile is an authorized retailer of Pro Trucker products


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