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USWAY GEAR 3" x 30' Tow Strap - 30.000 LBS (15 US TON) Rated Capacity Heavy Duty Vehicle Tow Strap with Reinforced Loops + Protective Sleeves + Storage Bag | Emergency Towing Rope for Recovery

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USWAY GEAR 3" x 30' Tow Strap - 30.000 LBS (15 US TON) Rated Capacity Heavy Duty Vehicle Tow Strap with Reinforced Loops + Protective Sleeves + Storage Bag | Emergency Towing Rope for Recovery Specifications
Jeep ModelAll Jeep Models
Retail Price$72.95
Part NumberTS3x30

Product Description

✅ USWAY GEAR Heavy Duty Tow Strap / Emergency Strap is THE premium towing strap available for all towing needs. So what are you waiting for, Read REVIEWS below & purchase NOW and benefit from all its special features: ★ 30.000 LBS (15 US TON) Rated Capacity (Breaking Strength) ★ 10.000 LBS (5 US TON) Working load ★ Reinforced loops with stitching on both ends to protect against abrasion & withstand the tension at the connection points. ★ Abrasive and Weather resistant. More durable and resistant than either nylon or polypro materials. Moisture-resistant fabric preventing frost damage up to approx -40 °C. Heat resistant up to 100 °C. ★ Perfect For all towing applications ★ You get a free storage bag to carry your strap in a car or store in a garage. ★ Ideal length: 30 feet is an adequate length to stay at a good distance from your tow so as not to cause a collision or if the vehicle is in a ditch you can keep yours on the level road to pull. ★ Strong protective sleeves on both ends to provide additional reliable protection & durability ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This is an exceptionally multipurpose tow strap that's constructed to meet the towing needs, anticipations and demands of an extensive range of users scattered in diverse operational environments. This towing strap is highly appropriate whether you are on the road or off-road, whether you are moving equipment, removing trail wreckages or towing personal vehicles or trucks to the repair shop. The time to act is now, ORDER for the durable, strong and dependable USWAY GEAR TOW STRAP for all your towing applications and you will get your order PLUS a free bag for storage. ✅ Click the "Add to Cart" Button at the Top Right of This Page to Order Your USWAY GEAR Heavy Duty Tow Strap NOW. BUY while our stocks last or you may miss out!

Manufacturer details

✅ APPROPRIATE FOR ALL VEHICLES: USWAY towing strap has 10.000 LBS (5 US TON) Working Load and 30.000 LBS (15 US TON) Rated Capacity making it suitable for use on all forms of automobiles specifically Personal Vehicles, Full Size Pickup Trucks, SUVs & ATVs, Boats or mid-size trucks. It is convenient, easy to carry & use. Roll up for storage in the storage bag after usage.^✅ HIGHLY STRONG & DURABLE: Read Verified REVIEWS below & look no further. Made with high quality and superior high tensile 100% Polyester material which makes the product to withstand pressure. This exceptional heavy duty strap is very tough, highly flexible and is built with tightly woven fabric to support its durability. The looped ends are well padded and highly strengthened to take the tension at the connection points. The strap is long lasting and durable.^✅ HIGHLY DEPENDABLE & WELL CONSTRUCTED: Tow Strap is built with a double loop design for reliable towing and has a length of 30 feet to prevent collision during the towing process. It is weather-resistant and constructed from highly durable and dependent material for a long life and long enough to reach vehicles that have fallen off the road or stuck in deep water, sand mud or snow. The 30 feet length gives you what you need in difficult recovery situations, and for safe distance on-road towing.^✅ AFFORDABLE, SAFE TO USE & WEATHER RESISTANT: The additional sewing on the end of the tow strap makes this product extra strong while maintaining the low weight of the strap. The strap is constructed bearing in mind the highest and globally rated performance standards at a very affordable price and provides excellent value based on its high level of quality and extraordinary capacity that will give you many years of use. Heat & Moisture-resistant fabric preventing frost damage.^✅ TWO YEAR WARRANTY: To show that we are confident about our product, if after purchase and you notice that you don't like the product, return it for a full replacement or refund. Also if anything goes wrong with the product in the first 2 years due to product defect we will replace it, no questions asked!


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